Thursday, 4 April 2013

A hardened heart. Poem

I have a hardened heart, a battered and war scarred thing
It's suffered and struggled and survived the heartbreak men bring
I have a heart, hardened by love and it's loss and grief
hurt by pain and neglect, a war fought and by no means brief
I have since armoured my heart in iron and steel
from the risk of a second love, from which it might not heal.
I stitched and patched up the pieces, pumped molten iron inside
with nail and concrete I built a fortress around, for my little soldier to hide.

Susceptible to attacks my heart remains, my archers shoot down any who approach
I built no drawbridge to lower, I hold no white flag to wave
I take no prisoners, I have no mercy, only myself and my heart I'll save.
But damn it, against my thick stone walls there grows a weedlike root
it's vines are strong and cunning, they slip through the smallest crack
I command my army down, I lower my bows unable to shoot
but then this plant so slowly grows and pushes through, attack attack!
The roots they plunge deep, deeper still, into my tunnels, into my ground
it's branches grasp and cling to my towers, slipping in windows, until my heart is found.
Attack attack, there is a threat inside, quick retreat, retreat into the night
It's too late, the solider must rise up and fight.
No my solider you are too weak,
not yet strong enough, don't admit defeat!
sound the bells, call up to the lord, arm yourselves for war
don't drag your weapons, rise up! rise up! Don't fall. Don't fall. For god's sake don't fall.

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