Saturday, 13 April 2013

Dear Heart 4th poem

Dear Heart,
           Hope you've settled in well,
 I feel like you're at a loss as to where to put yourself
no need to beat, nor hum, nor burn,
I don't see what you're doing, but this is your turn
I leave this to you alone,
I won't beg you to come running home
My door's open if it gets too cramped in there,
tell that heart you've met there's a vancancy here.
I miss you dear one, but I look forward to your letters,
I tried to keep you in, I caged you up myself,
you said you knew better
so prove it to me, prove it to yourself
Heart what have you done to me?
I was strong and steady before,
you led me astray, you wanted more
Damn you I say, you've made me weak,
because now a new heart to replace you I seek
No not a common one, not any will do
I want the heart thats in there,  next to you.

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