Saturday, 13 April 2013

Dear Heart; a reply

Dear Previous owner,
    I'm doing well, I've made a new home, I know you were mad at me and thought I was wrong
but I will prove you wrong, trust me, I've been through this before,
I know what's real now, I can open and close my own door
any mail I get for you, I'll forward it along
lets not be on bad terms my friend, you picked me up when I was broken, you put me back together
I will be attached to you for now, and forever
you are mine and I am yours and I don't blame you for what happened
I was beaten and left torn up, but it wasn't your fault, you weren't to know,
you trusted so easily, gave so freely, and now you're guarded I know.
Stop asking questions, stop blaming yourself, I'm alive! we survived, off that shelf
You were strong my friend, when I let you down
I left before and was worse for it but maybe this time around....
no don't interrupt me, hear me out right now,
 I swear to you I'm being careful, I'd explain but don't know how.
I can't stay in your fortress anymore, it's time to spread my own wings
if you'll be so good as to pass letters on, and drop off my things?
I'm only lodging if that, the landlord is rather fenced off,
but maybe some day I'll buy this place and have you round for tea
you have to let me see this through, you must to put faith in me,
The long lease tenant is here with me, to be honest I want him out,
I shall do my best to send you this lodger, I don't see him much, behind a closed door
he's been damaged like me, maybe more.
I understand, I do, I do, you're empty without my beat,
keep the room available, just until we next speak
maybe I'll push this lodger out and he can live in you, there's a vacancy I'll let him know, a room with a view
sincerely your dear Heart, always looking out for you.

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