Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Dreams last night

Well I dreamt last night that I was in a building, I think it was my old college, and my Tinkering Solider was with me, I went to the loo and was attacked by zombie students, and Tinker came running in. (We watched zombie land last night, I sodding knew I'd be effected) The dreams escalated I've only got bits and pieces right now, I was in an elevator with him and as usual the walls were getting smaller the air thicker, I couldnt breathe he was trying to calm my nerves down. on and on. I woke up disorientated and reached over the bed for a soldier that wasn't there and I wasn't keen on that feeling. How have I gotten that used to someone else being in bed with me again so fast? I'd forgotten where I was and kicked myself, idiot.

I've without a doubt not just fallen but violently thrown myself down a rabbit hole here, falling falling, faster uncontrollable, down, down, down whack thud whack, all the way down landing in a heap at the bottom. Damn! What a hard long fall that was, I think I've broken something...Oh no! Heart??? Are you there, are you alright? Answer me damn it!!
Thank god. That was rough, I felt forces above trying to pull me out, rescue me from that fall, they failed. Dreams where you fall, generally wake you up and indeed I jumped in bed as I hit the floor, but I have always been able to return to sleep and continue a dream which I did in moments...Crumpled up in a heap like before I was nervous, but my solider appeared down there, and I noticed a tunnel and light and a road. Just then I heard a shout from above, it was as if we were in a well with no water. A character was up there calling for me, anyone that's read my blog posts can guess who it was, I wont say the name...He threw down four lines, my puppet strings.
"Climb up! I'll pull you out."
Hmmm, like hell. There's a road down here, I intend to walk it. My subconscious is a funny thing and I'm rather physic at times, but above he held puppet strings, and down here this one held a brass hinge waving it temptingly like a piece of gold: a hinge from the green door, wherever that led was where I was meant to be.

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