Sunday, 7 April 2013

Gone. poem

When I was a little girl, I saw a book I wanted to buy
it was Peter Pan, and beautiful, I won't ask for another thing until I die.
But silly girl, I put it down,
and by the time I turned around
someone else had come along,
and the book was gone.

When I was ten, I had a friend with orange fiery hair,
 We spent a week away together and had matching teddy bears.
Then school ended, we went our ways,
I didn't realise until the new school day
I'd lost my friend, with not a real goodbye
I just didn't realise, these things happen in life
we were such good friends, as if we were one
 and then one day she was gone.

I had a first love, he was all mine
but things change with that odd thing, Time
Not a day went by we werent each others best friend
and despite all hope, even that came to an end.
In love one moment, and then where did it come from?
I was sat alone crying, and he had gone.

I lived in a cage once, I let myself be chained
it was a complex situation, no ones really to blame
but one door closed in my life, and I watched another open
I stepped out of my cage, and I may have been broken
but I mended myself and rose up to the sky which I sit on.
A great day when I realised my cage had gone.

I had a heart not long ago,
How I lost it I'm not sure I know
and although it was a little battered and bruised
it soldiered on and packed a bag, I couldn't refuse
From my place in the sky, on the cloud that I perch on
I touched my chest for no heart beat there, even my heart had gone.

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