Thursday, 11 April 2013

My Girl friends and men

I've said this before I'll say it a hundred times, I have the most lovely wonderful friends anyone could ask for. The kind that stick around when you're a bitch, the ones that don't just call in on christmas but actually genuinely care about you. I have girl friends that would go to war to defend me, as I would them. I'd fight hell and it's hot coals for my girls. They are the type of girls you don't befriend out of pity but because they are good people you want in your life, and being around them makes you a better person. My girl friends are the kind of girls worthy of jealously, because they are beautiful good looking girls, not the 'fat' type, or the 'scruff' type, but really lovely looking, clean and feminine ladies. They're clever young women, with nerve and intelligence and creative elements that make them shine like celebrities. This is why I can't understand why men can't appreciate them like I do.

I know that a friend is not the same as someone you date or get into a relationship with, you can have a great friend who's a rubbish boyfriend, but these women are too good for you jackass's they are not the kind that change like the sky, they are steady and constant. Men, not all of you, fair enough I've met some decent guys, I've seen when there's a bronze coin that shines brighter than all the gold because it's real and genuine in a treasure chest of lies and deceit. But too many of you take for granted the miracle you're either being offered, or have been given. Damn it you're looking at a 100 year old scotch like its a cheap pint. My girls deserve decency, they deserve the chance to shine their light on a man worth while not you tossers that wouldn't know a once in a lifetime catch if it smacked you in the nuts!!! When you're thinking one day "why's my girlfriend a slut in front of my friends?" or "why doesn't my wife ever get anything done?" "Why's my woman a blubbering idiot?" well the answer is because you picked the wrong one, you let the best thing you were ever going to come across walk away. You idiot.

So ok, there are times when people arn't going to click, thats understandable, you don't fancy each other, you don't get on, the sparks not there, but in these cases back the hell off my girls before you do damage! Get some sodding respect, learn when to draw a line because it's not fair. How dare you treat these diamonds like knockoffs. They are not for your use and disposal, leading someone on to then utterly throw respect out of your shit car window. To grow comfortable in a relationship and start taking them for granted, because you think it's them that have it made, like hell! Pick yourselves up. A woman is a gift to you from God, we always have been. Some men treat women like they're precious, so the rest of you have no excuse. We give you everything most of the time, why can't you give half of yourselves in return?
-Rant Over

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