Monday, 8 April 2013


This is an odd sort of thing to blog about, but my brother is getting married, he's the last one out of my four to have a wedding and his theme is gothic victorian. The fact that i've attended quite a few weddings and am rather the romantic, I have of course put thought into what I'd like one day, if I'm so lucky to find someone who likes me so much to chain themselves to me :-)

Come on, practically every girl has thought about marriage and the 'big' day. Dont deny it, it's a girls dream. So even though I don't dwell on the idea, or talk about it daily like some girls I know, i do have a rough idea of how I'd like my wedding to pan out. My theme would be fairytale. Simple, elegant, and romantic. I picture a pretty church or a vintage looking hotel, if I had enough of a budget to splurge I'd book a hotel in the country and have my close family stay there, make it a weekend thing. I picture large white marquees, fairy lights everywhere, in the plants and around the trees, pastel colours and pastel light balloons with spiraling ribbons. Flowers everywhere and lanterns. Lanterns are a big one, I'm mad for lanterns, and every time I see one I want to buy it, and store it, just for that hopeful one day...I want my dress to be simple but pretty and white, with ruffles and lace I think. My bridesmaids would of course be my 3 best friends, who I hope and imagine I'll still have-Darcy Darling, Emzybear, Amy pigion, :-) and my nieces, all of them. Each in not one solid dark colour like most weddings, but each in a different pastel colour, light pink, light mint green, light baby blue, and so on. Each with a tiny handful of flowers to match their colour and my own bouquet  would be a selection of each colour flower :-)

I'd make everything myself, the invitations, the cake, the flower arrangements. I'd definitely do everything as cheaply as possible and I want this pretty wedding to be small and sweet. Not massive amounts of guests and not crazy expensive. I think with my creative side I could definitely do a good job. I'd want everyone to have a wonderful time and so the entire time would have to be planned perfectly. If I was lucky enough to have a weekend I imagine a welcome and settle in, then picnic outside if weather permits, tea and coffee, and cake inside if weather does not. The wedding would be the second day and with all that entails, and then the 3rd day everyone can relax, sleep in and go home at their leisure. Me and my 'husband' would stroll through the neighbouring town and enjoy the day. Doesn't this all sound very picturesque. Of course I might not be able to afford a weekend, and could easily do such a wedding locally. I most definitely want my reception held outside, and if it were to rain then so be it, I imagine there shall be the option to scuttle inside if neccesary. A little contained bonfire might be nice, hey even a BBQ! why not? :-)

I wouldn't tell people what to wear, but I'd encourage a pastel theme and it's largely regarded as rude to attend a wedding in dark clothes unless specified anyway. I imagine waist coats for any men of the wedding party, and cream top hats :-) wouldn't that be lovely. I definitely have a good idea hehe. :-P we'll see. Of course in cynical terms it's unlikely more than definite that I'll even get married, but I'd like to be someones wife one day and the above is just a note to self for the possible future. lol Maybe, someday, if...we'll see. :-)

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