Saturday, 22 June 2013

God poem

God, are you listening?
My lord do you still hear? Have you abandoned me, your child?
Are you close but in silence, lord are you here?
I have called out for guidance, I've spoken out to you
I hear not your answer, I feel not your hand.
Why have you left me to fend for my own ideas
When I ask for guidance you ignore, why don't I deserve help?
I begged of you once to return what once was mine...
I asked, I prayed, I sacrificed, I cried and I cried
You ignored my pleas, 
you left me sobbing on my knees
Never to return him, never to return him to me.
Finally I rose up, I stood and faced you then
I understand I said I am not to love that one again
But now my path is flooded and as I wade through,
The current is gripping me, I can't hear you.
God are you listening? Have you turned away? 
I cannot breathe, I cannot think
But I have kneeled and I pray and pray. 
I accepted what was once,when I knew it was not my path
I left that one tied up with memories, and pushed it into the past
But this is more important, this is just for me
I beg of you to help, I'm blind and cannot see
What way do I turn, what way should I go?
God will you help me? 
God are you listening?

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