Sunday, 9 June 2013

Wicca and me: readings

I was raised by a mother who was very much into magic and witchcraft, the supernatural and natures ability to do things unexpected...I got my own deck of Tarot cards when I was eleven. Most often my  predictions come from them, but sometimes I dream of things that are happening during my sleep and I discover their truth in the morning, or I just have a feeling, sometimes I say something out loud not really thinking about the consequences of my words...I predicted in the cards the divorce of my friends parents, I knew the day his grandad died long before I got the phone call, I predicted my first relationship would end before I reached twenty, I almost said it as a joke but I knew better deep down. Theres only one thing i didn't see coming and that surprised me...i didn't see my tree. I even asked the cards simple questions for everyday and I'm never wrong. I asked if my tree wanted me and read the moon (strong female energy of dominance and getting what one wants) and the lovers...quite obvious really. I am never wrong with my predictions. I don't rely on them, but they give me comfort, to draw the cards is very calming. 

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