Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Random thoughts throughout today

Woke up this morning and it felt like Spring. The lack of rain today has backed this feeling up and I'm in a positive mood even though now night is drawing in and it's getting darker. 

Tinkerbell and the pirate fairy was disappointing. 

I want to do another charity thing, Walking the yorkshire three peak challenge really appeals to me, but I'm fed up of doing things alone. Does any random person with decent conversation want to do this with me? 

I wish I hasn't eaten the chips, I think my tummy is telling me to stop fattening it up because lately I haven't enjoyed what is my favourite food at all :-( 

Arthritis is hurting like a bitch which means more tablets, which means no drinking the weekend, which means I look like the boring person as usual. This combined with being unable to wear heels at the risk of swelling my ankles and my knees hurting while being stood up I won't be the most excitable person and again I will seem boring. The over effort to have fun will be tainted with pain and I will be screaming inside when I just want to catch up with my friends. 

I want my kids to be maths genius's because I am not and can barely even count. Seriously, why bother covering it up,I can't count properly, it takes me ages and I usually get the answer wrong anyway. My kids will not suffer that humiliation. I'll read them maths books as infants and enrol them on extra curriculum. I want them to be smart, I want them to have every advantage in education even if money is not their luxury, brains will be. 

I wish I had a really nice speaking voice, and slightly bigger tits. Not much bigger, just a bit. I swear they've gotten smaller recently, it wasn't but a month ago I knew they had increased a little. Hormonal changes I guess. 

I don't like the new go compare adverts. 

I'm hungry again. Already eaten scrambled egg on toast. I actually want some pasta and pesto. Maybe my body is finally accepting cleaner eating. 

I hate the curtains in this room. I won't be allowing them into my establishment in the future. 

Jerome's kilt doesn't fit quite right.

Jerome is so awesome. 

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