Monday, 24 February 2014

Future thinking

I actually really look forward to the future when my hands are full and my days are loaded with commitments. Being a student means you get lazy very easily. Yes the time you have free with no lectures are supposed to be used for studying, but how many hours a week can one spend reading! So weekday lie ins and late night procrastinating feature heavily in a students routine. Even when you're busy, for example keeping fit or going to work, your mind isn't stimulated so you have hours and hours of thinking, and not really of anything worth thinking about. But one day soon I'll be committed to a full time job, I'll have real demanding bills to pay, social life will work around work days, I'll be spending free time doing hobby stuff and writing my books, eating, sleeping, personal hygiene, and then a relationship will be wedged into the system, volunteer work if I intend to build up a portfolio of experience. Seeing family. Learning to drive. Any other money making things I want to take part in. I can see that when I'm in this stage of my life, and this is all before a family of my own comes into the picture, well then I'll be so busy with so much on my mind I wont have time to be bored or frustrated or lost. I look forward to the day when someone nags me for sex for a change because I have too much on to be in the mood now and those days of frustration and horniness are over. I look forward to being on a path I can change direction on without it being a major life altering decision and I look forward to having money. Saving for what I want in life.

Four walls and roof
A desk would be really really nice.
a comfy height changing chair to go with the desk too.
a computer where the keys don't stick!
Food in the cupboards no matter what.
A garden where I can grow a vegetable patch
a cooker that works properly.
a rug on proper floors.

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