Monday, 10 February 2014

It's just...poem

Just forget it, 
I wish I could lock some things away
But I can't, and you don't understand.
Men can never understand pain. 
I don't want you to touch me, 
Just leave me alone. 
As if I don't feel insignificant enough
Then you open your mouth and it's just...
It's just...
My broken heart will never truly heal
My confidence will never fully rise
And if you could feel the way that I feel
You wouldn't always be so surprised. 
It's hard to be a woman, it's harder even still
To be a woman with you, to be more than a bird on the windowsill 
Just forget it there's no point, 
I'll never feel right
Because I'm plain and pointless, better out of sight 
The 12 year old girl will never go away
Under this mascara and paint 
There lies a wounded soul, and you don't know what to say. 
Just leave me alone, don't touch me now
It will take love and fire to mend these cracks of mine 
and to show such feeling, you clearly don't know how. 

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