Tuesday, 18 February 2014


Jerome is my giraffe. An abnormally small giraffe as the average goes. He's also teddy style and originates from India. I found Jerome on an Indian mans rug of jumble sale items, he cost me 50p and I saved him. Saved him from a life of charity shop bins and god knows what else is in store for an unwanted tatty stuffed animal. Jerome has a lot of character, he's most certainly the cutest giraffe that there ever was. It is my belief that Jerome is actually Raj Patal, a reincarnated Indian man who must have lived a life of disappointment and is looking for redemption. I am the person in the world who through love and care and the provisions of family life will turn Jerome into a soul worthy of redemption.

Jerome talks, with a slightly strange twang of an Indian accent, and he's quite the icon of alternative fashion. With a diamond earring in one ear he has a little of the chav about him, and has in his wardrobe a turban (Naturally), a Christmas jumper for Christmas festivities, a scarf knitted by myself for Christmas, and more recently a kilt. It was just the other day that while watching the movie Brave, Jerome confessed to us that he has Scottish ancestry and has often wished to get back to his roots. He revealed a rather decent Scottish accent and declared he'd rather be referred to as Angus instead of Jerome, but I have refused this request, Jerome is Jerome and that's that. Jerome is a part of our little family, and he holds us together.

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