Monday, 3 February 2014

Sexual Frustration in women

What classifies a sex addict?

The NHS website says Sex Addiction is uncontrollable urges that you cannot control or monitor even if they cause issues with your personal life and relationships. I think I have my urges under control, I'm not walking around dry humping randomers like a horny dog or anything, but I do think about sex more than I think is normal for a woman.

Men apparently think about sex every minute, in some capacity. I would say sex comes into my mind at least 15-20 times a day, if not more. I don't look at other people and want them, and if I fantasise about other people when I'm alone its usually imaginary characters who fit a particular ideal/time period/profession. Fireman, university lecturer (not based on a real one), Mr Darcy character in breeches. Honestly I mainly just want Mr Jones. If I could wake up every morning and have sex before the day starts I honestly think I'd have a better day and do better in all my endeavours. I could concentrate and relax and wouldn't be so hyped up.

I don't crave the bond, or the cuddles, or any of that romance crap. I just want to 'cum'. That's it. I just want to reach that height and then afterwards I am happy to get up, get showered, get out of there, grab a sandwich.

When I first started having sex, it was less than 12 months ago, and everyone said I would calm down, that it was new and exciting but after a few months I would get used to it and most likely be bored. I haven't calmed down! I'm not bored. I want it just as much as the day after the first time. The only way I stop myself from being in a frustrated furious mood is by 'sorting myself out' regularly. Something I wasn't comfortable with last January has become a necessary part of my wellbeing, and it's still not enough. It's never as good alone as with my Mr Jones. Anywhere, anytime I would not turn it down. I think I would happily get arrested for indecent exposure provided I 'finished' before hand. I honestly wonder if I need a therapist or if this is normal thinking for a girl of my age. I'm 20, I'm healthy, happy, fit to an extent (I'm not lugging any excess weight around), I presume I'm fertile, and I am raring to go. I thought the prime of a woman was 30, if I'm hyped up like this now, what am I going to be like in 10 years time. I have a vibrant vision of a newsflash on ITV: 30 year old woman becomes a FREE Prostitute for firemen. Ok so that's a bit of a joke, but I'm deadly serious about my concerns, what if I turn into one of those nymphos and have it off with three different lovers, or I go have a mental breakdown due to sexual frustration.

At university I conducted a study into Hysterical women of the Victorian era, it fascinated me that back then women could be diagnosed with hysteria and be carted off to the doctor to be penetrated by a vibrator. Obviously there was a lot more to it than just that, but what a fantastic idea. Am I suffering from hysteria, oh I think so. Does any other woman between the age of 16-30 understand what I am talking about? Does anyone relate? Am I alone in this? I open up on this blog with unvarnished, blunt, honest thoughts and feelings. Is this normal, I want your views.
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