Thursday, 27 February 2014

The Book Thief

When I read 'the book thief' I was still at school and it broke me up, I was effected by that book more than any other that I can remember. I am excited for the film but it wont be the same. This quote was the first passage I read in a book that made me refuse to read for months after, because no ones wants to feel like that, sobbing and utterly gut wrenched, That's what war does to you I guess.
...Death: "On many counts, taking a boy like Rudy Steiner was robbery--so much life, so much to live for--yet somehow, I'm certain he would have loved to see the frightening rubble and the swelling of the sky on the night he passed away. He'd have cried and turned and smiled if only he could have seen the book thief on her hands and knees, next to his decimated body. He'd have been glad to witness her kissing his dusty, bomb-hit lips.
Yes, I know it.
In the darkness of my dark-beating heart, I know. He'd have loved it all right.
You see?
Even death has a heart.”
It wasn't right, killing him. Telling the audience so randomly, abruptly like that, it was cruel! Half way through the book and telling us what's going to come, and then holding it back until the end, the very end, and by then we think you were kidding, winding the audience up, we refuse to believe you will actually kill him now, but you do. You bastard. How could you?

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