Saturday, 15 February 2014

The Bralet-disappointing

Now I don't know how popular these are, but my first experience with a Bralet, sometimes referred to as a 'long-line' piece, has not met with my high expectations. The wide banded bra's with an inch to two inches of band beneath the cups have been popping up in lingerie stores for the last several months so I decided it was time to add one to my beautiful underwear collection. It's definitely not a win in my book. Its fidgety and fumbly and damn well uncomfortable, every time I bend over the band is digging in like a tight pair of jeans, but when I sit up its shifting and sliding around as if its a size too big. My breasts are contained-ish, but I don't feel like they have the uplifting support of a balcony or the comfortable freedom of a plunge. The wide band at the back is itchy, I assume because the sheer material is too wide in comparison to the thin straps. I do like the way it emphasises the smallness of my upper waist (ribcage area) but one can hardly look the image of sophisticated grace when you're fussing around and twisting in an attempt to keep the damn band in place. I feel a bit like how I felt when I was 11 and forced into a crop top, because vests were too young, and bras were too mature. I definitely can't wear this and be natural all day, and I don't think its sexy enough to save exclusively for 'sexual occasions' even with the black oriental lace and lilac satin. I'm unbelievably disappointed. This piece doesn't bear the usual discreet signature of Ann Summers that usually resides embossed on a golden/silver plate on the band, almost as if it's mother didn't want to admit ownership of such a disappointing garment.
The Long line Bralet

I'm rather surprised by the fact that my other new piece was a £7 balcony from Primark and it's wonderful. A full £21 cheaper than the bralet. The balcony is a sort of a burnt mocha gold, almost silver but not quite, with strands of glitter and lace all over, it has a little padding which gives that tiny extra push and creates the most gorgeously tempting rounds that garnish the neckline of any dress and add sensuality to the most modest of outfits.
A matching thong of the same shimmering fabric that underlines the bra is a little on the slut side compared to my usual preference but it works very well with a short beige silk slip, or a pair of flesh toned hold ups with a contrasting lace finish. The sexiness of this set is 10/10, and the comfort is 10/10, to have appeal and comfort is like cheesecake with cream, Hmmmm, you can wear this all day and forget its there, and have your clothes ripped off later without any hesitation because of how attractive the set is.

Odd for me but I have to admit, the £28 bralet from Ann let me down, and the £7 balcony really impressed. It's by far my new favourite piece. What a surprise to have the cheaper option outdo the higher class, I am a little lost for words, despite how much I have written here! :-)

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