Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Valentines Day rant

Statements like the following usually come from girls who A.) are single B.) are not single but have cruddy boyfriends, or C.) have boyfriends that are generally great but 'don't believe in valentines day', I fall into the category of C. So my attitude is...I no longer 'believe' in steak and blowjob day. Hmm Hm.
 "Oh I don't believe in valentines day"
"Valentines day is commercial rubbish"
 or my favourite "We are so in love we don't need ONE day to show it, we show it ALL the time"
cringe, puke, cringe again, I could happily drown that person in rose petal soup!

 Romance, surprises, treats and demonstrations of affection are never a bad thing, we all want them, don't you shake your head at me, yes you do! And some tosser, probably a man, decided to name a day where all of the above should be high in abundance and love should be celebrated. I think I'm not alone when I say we should wring that persons neck like a dishcloth. As if life doesn't suck enough without a day where facebook can overload with irritating people 'demonstrating' their love,
quote: "Don't you want to demonstrate your love for each other so the world knows?"
me: "Great idea! I'll video us making a porno and send you the link"

Valentines day does irritate me. It irritates me because it IS commercial! ok so yes I coo and ooo over the £1 trinkets and heart shaped junk they sell in Asda, and yes the Me to You cards with their cute little poems, but it is commercial, it's the media cramming it in our faces saying "If you love each other you must celebrate valentines day" and society makes this worse by backing it up, it's practically a crime to overlook the day, if you don't do something it's as if you don't love each other the way you should. Like the relationship status is a lie!

You know something I actually really love? seeing a couple argue publicly on valentines day, its very entertaining, evil as it sounds there are those out there who totally agree.

Valentines day is an excuse for the people who aren't romantic and don't feel loved or surprised throughout the year to force it out of their partners. People should write in cards "It's ok that you're an ass most of the time, and I don't get enough attention or romance because this one day you have done something because you know and I know and all your friends know if you didn't do something sex would be off the cards for a year and so would the football channel"

I like the real valentines day meaning, the cute and corny "I love you, please love me back and don't love anyone else for the remainder of our lives" ...I don't like the way people are forced into competition. ok, I admit freely I am competitive I cant help it! At school if we lost at bench ball I'd be furious, and yes I'm the kind of person that will secretly think "Ha! My dress is prettier than yours" provided that it is of course, if yours is better than mine I will either leave and change my dress, or be furious on the inside whilst smiling like a loon on the outside. I am an envious person. It's childish. I hope I'll grow out of it one day, but until then I do feel like stamping my foot and frowning.

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