Monday, 3 March 2014

Bad recurring dream

I had bad dreams again last night, the same dream I've had lately but this time it progressed. I want to talk about this to someone because dreams are a big deal to me, I know not everyone has them, and some people don't read into them, but my dreams are so real, so vibrant and they effect my morning, the way I feel. This dream is unsettling and it makes me feel awful, and the repetition is driving me mad, this was the third time. You know I actually don't want to write about it on here, for once something feels a little too raw and I don't want people who are close to me to read into it. I might just go and tell my sister in law about it to get it off my shoulders.

Something I do want to put out there is:
 I've never been so happy as I have this last year, and I can't believe I put up with such a rubbish life before, that I let myself think I could be treated any differently to the way I'm treated now. Mr Jones has really changed my life and my perspective on life.

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