Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Fireman Fantasy.

I have a thing for a man in a uniform...would I object to a little kinky policeman and prisoner role play? Hell no, so long as I get to be the prisoner. An army officer, a navy captain for gods sake! But what really gets my pulse thrumming along is the idea of a fireman. I don't know why, I don't know where it came from, maybe its because in year six they had a fireman come in and do a safety day and he was big and strong and hmmmm.

Anyway, for whatever psychological reason a fireman is my thing, it's my top fantasy...ok I've said it, plenty of people fantasise about threesomes or public places whatever...but my big one is a fireman. I dream about it when I'm asleep and I must admit they're my favourite dreams... You know its not even the idea of a genuine fireman, its the more the role play fireman, the corny lines and the excitement and fun of play acting. Sex shouldn't always be so intense, I want to have fun.

So my dream, the most recent, I mean scenarios change but this is my favourite and its been cropping up a lot lately is some hunk in a fireman's yellow and red, hat and all bursting in unexpectedly, with a white top you can cling onto, maybe a few corny lines that I've giggled myself senseless to in a pub once or twice..."is there a fire in here or is it just how hot you are" ...come on! Cringe or not it's got me laughing! It's fun! "Wanna slide down my pole and I'll show you how the hose works" ...am I convincing you yet? ..well it does it for me okay!

I picture having a cold glass of water thrown down my front in a comical putting out of the fire (I mean can you imagine some git bursting in on you and soaking you in cold water, all down your bra, top comes off, you're wet and a little annoyed, which leads to more sexual tension.) then before you can react you're pushed back, thrown up a wall or a washing machine or something. and basically that's it really....the rest is what it is, but you feel like you're fucking a god damn fireman. and that's hot!! I know what you're thinking...I'm one of those weirdo's that actually keep Uniform dating.com afloat. I'm not, really, but if I was single...would I...probably. I don't see what's wrong with a little fun on a hot summers day, when you're doing the dishes and suddenly a fireman comes slamming through the door to ermmm...put out your fire. ;-)

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