Tuesday, 11 March 2014

My Book

For those well acquainted with me or my blog you'll know that Grace is my character, my inspiration and over the years she has developed into a sort of alter-ego. My book, as I refer to it, is always the same one, despite that I am in the middle of composing half a dozen novels, when I mention 'my book' it is only ever Grace I refer to, because she is what I regard as my masterpiece.

Anyway the point of this post is to share with those who know or care or follow the on going trial that is my writers block that I have figured it out. This morning while my knees were hurting in bed and my Mr Jones sat up reading I took to book-thinking and I've figured it out mostly. Now comes the tragic element...After sitting for 2 hours thinking and note jotting, I figure it's going to take me longer than the summer to re-write my book to the extent I have changed the style and storyline. You know nothing stays the same but Grace, every time I've edited this book she's the only consistent part, I don't really have a brilliant book, I have a character, and I need this story to grow to be worthy of my character.

So, I have university to pass and graduate, a job to get and an income to earn and save, and somewhere along the lines over the next summer and winter I need to re-write this book to perfection.

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