Saturday, 1 March 2014


Pidgin is my friend. My very best friend really. It took quite a while in the general scheme of things for us to even say more than hello and goodbye to each other but now I couldn't imagine going more than a week without some form of communication. Unlike other's that I know, Pidgin doesn't treat me like a fashion trend, sometimes in, sometimes out of date. She's consistently a good friend. Nothing that's happened has turned her away from me and she's always ready to give back the same effort that I put in. I lost friends when I went to Uni, I lost friends when the Keyholder broke my heart, I lost friends when Mr Jones turned up and fixed it, Pidgin has always stayed, never criticising or belittling my choices, never forcing things that aren't for me down my neck.

We certainly don't do each others hair, which is a blessing because I hate that sort of thing!!
We most definitely don't see eye to eye all the time, and our opinions and tastes can clash like rain and sun but it doesn't make a difference, we're the rainbow that comes in between the two.
We don't do the whole "omg show me your boobs!" thing, we don't feel the need to get drunk to feel comfortable with each other and we don't flirt with each others love interests because our taste there is completely different too!! haha I never cried in front of Pidgin about the Keyholder and I was glad she never pressured me to break down about it. We don't do the whole tears and hug thing. I cried to her about my uni results once, but I pulled myself together pretty damn fast! She's the one person I know I can get upset in front of if necessary. It doesn't matter if my eyes are puffy or I have no makeup on or I'm in paint covered jeans. She's the only person other than Jones who I'm comfortable sharing a bed with! I have no other friend I can sleep soundly next to. She's hilariously funny too, funny in a way and at times when I think: really? did you really just say that! and I feel like that funniness isn't always on display for the world, and I'm privileged to witness it so often.

I don't think I appreciate her enough, or show my dedication to our friendship, but it important to me that we stay friends out of everyone. She's the only girl (non family) who I really really like, all the time even if we have a quiet patch or even maybe cross words or conflicting issues, I still really like her. She's awesome.

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