Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Woman on top

Anyone who reads regularly will know I go on about the forbidden...S.E.X :-P a lot...ok more than a lot. I also talk about aspiring to be a sex bomb frequently. Look the deal is my Mr Jones is unbelievable! Christ in heaven above-I can't breathe-I can't take anymore-I want it all the time unbelievable! and granted he's had a great deal more practice than I have but I want to be able to rock a few moves too. I understand there's not a lot a woman can do, sexy lingerie: big fat epic TICK! a willingness to try weird/naughty/fun/new things: Big fat epic TICK! Blowjobs: BIG BIG epic TICK hahaha. So I figured the only way I was going to build up some serious bedroom confidence is when Jones puts me in the saddle. If you don't get what I mean by that you are too young to be reading this blog! Be gone!

So, woman on top...first time over a year ago I was clumsy, awkward, no rhythm and completely self conscious. I've been waiting to blog about this for a few weeks, gotten round to it now and I'm finally happy to announce that I think I've got the hang of this. I got the rocking motion down, I got rid of the self consciousness and I'm pretty happy to ride the stallion sort of speak in the nude or whatever get up I have on. It's not easy work! Going for it is more of a workout than anything else I do! and it puts me out of action for like 3 days because I can barely walk afterwards! but yeah I'm getting the hang of this business. I'm feeling rather chuffed with myself. It's only taken a year of practice!! but hey I got there in the end.

So my point? No I am not just bragging about my sexual cowgirl antics haha. Girls if you don't enough already get on your man and get to work!

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