Tuesday, 6 December 2016

catching moments poem

Catching moments is our sport-
like fireflies in jam jars.
The sound of the latch on the door
the brush of a morning kiss
two minutes left on the alarm
but not enough is it?
Half an hour on the sofa- desperate to stay awake
or that final cup of tea, which you should probably make
I wonder, if we counted the moments that we have to snatch this way
will we collect a life time,
before the fireflies, fly away?

A moment you catch when your arms curl around me
and another I hold onto, when I come home early
These moments we chase around this house
and up and down the street
moments we run after, every time we speak
We stretch ten minutes before bedtime,
into an hour of sleepy catch up
it's all we have sometimes,
to remind us, we're still us.

Across the world are people catching moments
people so in love, people just like us
for the time we have is just not enough
but the time we have is everything.
I'd rather catch a moment of you,
than a lifetime of anything else

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