Tuesday, 13 December 2016

poem. pointless person

You hide from the walls of the trap
which you set for yourself
on the day you decided to be weak
the time you went without
all the strength you might have acquired
had you decided to seek it
pathetic you are- pathetic you'll be
until you hold yourself taller
hold yourself above me
You cower in the corner of life
hiding from everything
because you let yourself become worthless
You grew up to be a pointless human being.

I have no sympathy for you
I cannot care for how you go on
people like you always linger longer
like bad smells- we try to be rid of
You wonder why I am stronger
why I succeed above you
because I chose to drag myself up
when you sat panting at the bottom
I choose not to be pointless
I fought my way to myself
You my pointless being,
have only to blame, yourself

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