Monday, 25 February 2013

a rant about my laptop

When I first lay my laptop out on my bed and touched its delicate little keys, and adjusted my eyes to the glaring light, I thought "You are mine you little treasure, you may hold my secrets (emails, writing, naughty photos, facebook log in, that disney game I played like once..twice) and I named this treasure Harry Potter (it's a H.P, geddit?) I did not think it would ever cause me such grief.

The DAMN SODDING PIECE OF CRAPPY CRAP CRAP has busted on me!! Effing hell's sake, I cant get it to switch on properly, load up, shut down! the entire system is spitting out typed computer language like dishfidjiksjfvnvxhfufsdhjfh32763736487hdsbjhcvbj not responding not responding.
what am I supposed to do about this? I don't know, I don't work in comet or wherever the hell I got this thing from. I neeeeeed my laptop back, my secrets, my stuff! Some randomer from china is probably hacking into my system as we speak! I am currently on the 'family computer' oh cringe..this computer is used by my parents, cringe. Downstairs, in the freezing cold, no heating living room. I'm wrapped in a coat and blanket. My fingers are stinging slightly.  My naughty laptop is upstairs in the warmth of my bedroom. My music!!! my beautiful, soul soothing, hard core drive on the dirt roads, country music, it's all on that laptop!..I can't stand another minute of this HEART FM crap- diamonds in the sky, that the best they can come up with? and One Direction ripping off a classic like their own! oh no, I need my music back. First thing in the morning I'm taking this laptop to the shop, PC world? I dunno, anywhere, someone must be able to fix this.

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