Friday, 10 October 2014

Coffee with Two sugars

Because I’m that sort of person I have been making a round of tea every morning, because making tea when the weathers cold is sort of my kind of thing. Well Coffee with Two Sugars turns out to be someone important and seeing my situation he might be throwing me a lifeline. I can’t blag my way through this, this all depends on an ability to demonstrate dedication and quick learning, I need to be competent I can’t just pretend to be.

 Its generous and considerate of Coffee with Two Sugars to throw me this life line, the only question is...Will I be able to catch it and drag myself up? and if so, how long will I stay aboard the ship? It’s not unlikely I’ll end up overboard again, but let’s not pretend that attempting to catch and climb that lifeline doesn’t fill me with nerves. I am nervous. Because I damn well need this.

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