Monday, 4 April 2016

Away from Connie

I cannot stay here for the rest of the week. It's only the first night and I'm going insane. The shouting, the chill, the damp, the mess. God I hate the shouting. It's been too long, I've become spoilt.
Right now these hateful four walls remind me too much of memories I'd rather forget.
Here I'm too close to people I don't want to be near.
I don't belong here, in these walls or with these people. If I ever did, I absolutely don't anymore.

I want to go home. Home to Connie, my sacred place of happiness.

Never before has there been such a place
for me to hide my soul inside
a place where I don't feel alone,
my sanctuary, I call it home
As if some inner heart beats within
and when away, only half of me seems to live
I miss you most on nights like this
because Connie is where my heart is.

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