Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Fallen angel. Last night.

The angel was already breathless. The hard strong pressure between her legs was tantalisingly soft, bare legs restlessly rubbing up the sheets she pushed the hand further down, thighs parting silently begging. He pulled her pants off roughly quicker than expected and suddenly She was conscious of the rapidly building heat deep inside her pussy where a finger or two jabbed furiously and brought force a warm wetness. No build up this time, hardly even a prelude to what was about to unfold. The angel was tossed over onto her knees, dragged back and poised like a rampant doe eager to be mounted. Those damp fingered hands moving up the back of her thighs, her legs wide resembling bambi on ice, a few deep breaths rasping with anticipation, blind to everything made the sensation of the devils hard persistant push behind her heart stopping. Then it forced entry and filled her mercilessly , hard, slow, hard, slow, fuck! Faster, hands rubbing over her shoulders down her back, spanning her hips, feeling like a woman, feeling the power of animal instinct she ground back encouraged by his hands pulling her back with strength and authority, one hand pulling teasingly on her hair, she came at the command of a biting pull on her locks and thighs still quivering reared up and let the power of her rider take her over the edge in quick succession of the last time crying out louder this time. It slowed down, she caught her breath, the angels breasts had spilt out over the top of her bodice and his hands slipped round to take advantage. It wasn't long before the pace picked up again, and her shoulders were gripped and tugged back sitting her up and she rocked back and forth eager for another turn of earth shattering pleasure. It was more intense this time, it worked its way up in bursts, then the devil stirring inside her core began to lose control, a few swear words in her ear egged her on and made her buzz and the sound of his ecstasy tipped the angel over the edge letting her come harder and better than before, he spilt into her at the same time and she fell shuddering down on the pillows and in a daze waited for him to dismount. Indifferent, unattached? ...the soft and lingering kisses on her back contradicting that idea. Thinking vaguely that being fucked like an animal with such raw and rough passion was the most detached and unemotional way to be together the angel sighed happily into the bunched up sheets, she loved every moment of it, she couldn't wait for more of the same. 

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