Thursday, 17 October 2013

huge hole in my living room :-(

I really want my life to move forward. I want to push past the issues that have collected up as I've grown up and leave some people behind. I can only do that when I'm settled and have a steady income. I'm fed up of being let down. Why can't people just step up and do what they're supposed to.
I now have a huge ugly mess of a hole smack bang in the middle of the wall where the fireplace should be, right in our living room. Right before Christmas. It's a mess that my parents have made and left for someone else to sort out like kids playing with mud. Meanwhile my dad has bought another motorbike and is entertaining himself with it in the garage, and I am looking at a huge mess that I have to work out how to cover up in time for Christmas.

My closest family wont visit here.
I'm embarrassed to bring my friends here.
It took all my nerve to bring Mr Jones here.
It would take me less than eight minutes to leave here.

There is one feature in my family that ruins everything. One feature that pulls us all apart, that taints everything. My parents. Three of my brothers with their wives and kids live in the same street as us, there's a reason why they hardly if ever come and visit. Life sucks sometimes.

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