Friday, 1 November 2013

Day after Halloween

People in the neighbourhood are setting off fireworks, it's rather annoying as its raining so they should give up and Halloween was yesterday! Despite this my mood has improved greatly since a few hours ago when I was in a sulk and threatening to cancel christmas. I am now well fed, well sexed and well entertained with Lee Mack live on the t.v. Mr Jones has outdone himself, after making it through 5am mornings all week he's serviced me, lovingly, and dropped off. Hmm it was nice, it calmed my mood right down, slower and softer than usual, left me on the edge so many times and held it there deliberately before tipping me over, the bastard, but it was loving, I'll never criticise being loved. Mr Jones is sooo damn good looking especially in his sleep. (Hey the fireworks have stopped, good job! ) Considering the mans almost ten years my senior there's not a line on Jones's face and he sleeps so soundly, he looks like one of those Greek fine sculptured statues, with the roman straight nose and sleek edges, but hairy like a bear. I'm very content right now, not just because of the sex, I knew I was getting that tonight, i dont usually know, i'm usually on my tiptoes trying to decide if i should pounce or wait and see if he has a pan in mind. However after 9 months I'm becoming accustomed now to picking up on certain tones and looks that mean particular things, Jones has a look sometimes, this little semi amused, thoughtful smile that lights up his eyes and it makes me feel self conscious and giddy. He lingers. Waits while I ramble on about this and that, he waits for me to run out of things to say, all the while with that look that's making my heart feel a little erratic and then I get a nudge, or a really slow kiss or a question that sounds more like a command, and I'm tumbled over and the entire atmosphere of the room has shifted, this is my favourite initiation, it reminds me of the first time. 
Anyway I could talk all bloody night about sex, if you're squeamish about sex then remove yourself from my blog because I really am obsessed and I mention it, a lot! 
What I was getting to was, I am very happy, because I like it here. I like being here with Jones where it's quiet and peaceful and no one is knocking my door and bothering me. No noise. This is my sanctuary. And I like nights like this, when Jones loves me, satisfies my lust and sleeps soundly at my side with one hand on my hipbone and I'm blogging so carefully on the iPad trying not to disturb that heavy hand, nights when he's all mine and no noise or people are intruding through any of life's technology. Just us, in this sanctuary and I feel warm and cosy and there's no unpleasant noise. Tomorrow I have work but tonight I'm snuggling in with Jones and I get to spoon all night! 

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