Monday, 18 November 2013

water infection :-(

Who knew too much hot and heavy sex causes a urine infection?
well, I know now!
After what was, quite literally, the BEST sex of the last 9 months, I mean the most earth shattering, scream worthy, crazy, begging to stop because I am going to die kind of sex, my god whoever says the G spot is a myth has got to be a moron, I so have one, science people are well and truly invited to check it out, anyway...after this...look I lay there mystified unable to construct a sentence, while he casually strolls out for loo roll and pops on The Walking Dead, it was too much! it was too good, I could not think straight.
Well I slept like a log, and then the next morning I get up bursting for the loo and am gripped by the worst burning stinging sensation I have ever experienced in my life. Cystitis: A horrible, painful, infuriating infection of the bladder.

Fast forward 6 days, I am literally dying. The left side of my back is in agony where I discovered the kidneys are, my kidneys are hurting! My pee hurts, I cant stop needing to pee. This sucks!

My point anyway is not to dwell on the fact that I am evidently dying. My point is a urine infection is not worth it! Crazy countless orgasm sex is not worth the week afterwards of pain and discomfort!

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