Wednesday, 27 August 2014


I was more angered on Pidgin's behalf than relieved when we discovered that she cannot go to Africa. On the one hand I felt as if a mysterious being was interfering because I have been fretting inside over the upcoming absence for months, but I truly felt guilty to see her plans fall through the floorboards. After a hurried rush around it is settled that Scotland is to be the plan. Still eight months, still a long absence but at least she's in the UK. At least I can get there. I wasn't at all envious of a trip to Africa. Truth be told the whole thing sounded like a version of hell to me, but Scotland. I'd love to experience that. I am totally jealous of that and I fully intend to get myself up there at least for a weekend to see Pidgin and the highlands.

I'm just glad to report to my own thoughts that at least there's now one less thing for me to be worrying about. Scotland is not Africa, it's practically home. England's cousin. All will be well.

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