Monday, 6 July 2015

New Diet

So I joined the gym and cut down on the crap this April. I told myself I would eat better but not cut out everything I enjoy, and the gym must be attended at least once a week. I gave myself a timescale, if I didn't see a difference in a few months I'd re-evaluate my diet. So it's now tape measure around my middle and the other squidgy areas hasn't changed by even a millimetre. How can this be? I've stuck to my regimented routine, I'm working hard!
I figured it out...I'm 22, that's my answer. The cracks are already starting to show (around the eyes), I'm not a teenager anymore. If I want this, I'm going to have to fight for it every step and squat of the way. It's only going to get harder as time goes by.

I tell myself I want to look like this:

For most of my life.

I NEVER want to look like this:


So now I'm re-evaluating. My diet is going hard core, no more junk food not even my little pack of baked mini cheddars with lunch, the only exception to this strict clean eating is ONE weekend treat. That's ONE meal ONLY on the weekend as a 'cheat'. A workout will be completed everyday without fail even if I only have time for 15 minutes.

Complete cut outs consist of:
White Bread
Sugar in tea
Chocolate biscuits
Jam Tarts (because its a pack or nothing)
Cereal bars
Chip shop trips

Any ONE of these items is classed as a cheat and eating such will result in sacrificing the 'cheat' meal of that week.

I have 9 weeks to get rid of this little bit of 'squidge' around my middle. So game on.

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