Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Connie. Memories Poem

Into the last memories of this place
we travel together, yet apart
for this room has never been
to you, what it is to me
a happy place, a sanctuary
and now we're soon to depart.
This place has swept me up
the first taste of home,
a sort of wonderful simplicity
only I have known,
here is where I found
what I never knew I'd lost
here is where I gave up my heart,
In this room I handed over my innocence
in this place we fell in love.
We've been at peace,
and been at war
everything of us, absorbed in these walls.
Connie has been a silver key
Connie has stolen a part of me
and now we move onto something new
But here in this place I became Me
because in this room I got to know You.

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