Sunday, 21 August 2016

The Tower

So my Mr Jones has done it again. What he always does, what seems to be his instinct whenever my happiness is at stake. He rode in on his white horse, wearing his shining armour, and he saved the day. Jones is the hero of my story, and while he continues to light up new stars in the sky of my world he’ll never lose that title.

I couldn’t stay in Connie anymore, the little bubble that was my beloved sanctuary had burst, an invasion of my fortress left me bereft and confused. Jones fixed everything. He’s found us a new castle. A place we can set up home in more than one bedroom and a 6 foot by 3 kitchen. Here we have a Keep, with a kitchen big enough to dance in, with windows and stairs and a garden. I have a garden again. I have sunshine flooding my garden, painting it golden.

I have named this place The Tower. My tower. Ours. Just us, no one else. Just us in our new sanctuary. No shouting, no interruptions, no wreckage. Everything is just right, because we are right.

I’ve felt a tug on my heartstrings to leave Connie behind. The place where I got to know Jones, where I felt at home, where I could escape to, where we fell in love. It’s only a room and a 6by3 kitchen but, it was special to me. I will never forget the memories of that place. I look ahead now with an open mind, and a full heart, despite that my Tower is almost empty ha! We have spaces to fill, memories to make, a family to think about-not too far away.

We don’t have internet for a few weeks, I’m off the grid. Writing this up on my laptop to post on my blog at a later date. So Jones and myself are just here together, getting used to this new found home without any interruption from the outside world. We’re at peace.

I’m warm, I’m fed, everything works, and I’m safe.

The Tower: You mean a lot to me, and I will treat you well. Treat us well, and keep us happy and safe.

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