Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Yourself Poem

You're sitting on the windowsill,
rain on the other side
around 2009
Ink spilt everywhere, on those thin bedsheets
crumpled paper-the only carpet
I call out but you don't hear me over the music
southern comfort warming the cold walls
I reach out but my hand's stopped by Time
I see you, in your tracksuit
I hammer on the wall- you don't turn to see me
but I can feel it all
so desperate, so alone-waiting for someone
I want so badly to tell you,
I scream and scream your name
Time's taken this chance away
only a memory remains-
the fragments left behind
are fading between the lines
You keep staring out that window
waiting, waiting, waiting
Sitting in that tracksuit-which you don't wear anymore
I try so hard to tell you,
It's yourself, who you need to look for.

A voice hits the back of my head
while I'm sitting on the window
someone is coming for me,
to take me home
I scribble every thought, write down my all
The rain comes splattering down,
another day off school
I hear a hammering on the wall
just the pipes I suppose
Dreaming of a runaway line
someone to take me away
Just a few more years
not long to go
I'll just keep on waiting,
everything will be fine, when you find me.

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