Tuesday, 9 December 2014


It's coming that time of the month again and I'm blaming the hormonal shifts in my body for the sudden overwhelming wish to have a little cry. I am not shedding tears. I refuse to even well up, but my throat is clogged and I feel that awful constriction of breath when you're trying not to get upset.
I swear I don't know how much longer I can stand this before I have a mental breakdown!

I've applied to 337 jobs now. In the period since finishing university. No one will give me a chance, no one is willing to let me show my potential. I'm not alone and that makes it worse, the graduates out there all scrambling over each other to try and reach a job, any job, it's excruciating.

Just give me a job. Watch how hard I'll work. Just give me a job. Give me a job. Give me a job. Give me a job. My minds deteriorating here. Give me a job.

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