Friday, 10 March 2017

Digbeth Dining Club

Crimson lights burning long into the night
a crowded bar, and over priced
and yet here in this backstreet world
we together found ourselves.

Tucked under a canopy in the rain
Dishing out absurd, fake names
or stood beneath the baking sun
while grills spice the air
and you buy me white rum

Out of the snow, into the warmth
we've sat on leather sofas for hours on end
or crammed into a party, jazz in the air
can't find a seat, but we'll just stand there.

Business men, and tracksuits
Young and old
Sometimes my best dress,
sometimes just superman clothes.
For the entire night, or just passing by
so many memories, so many times.

Whether it's blistering heat or pouring rain
When we're not there, Fridays just aren't the same
If we could go anywhere, I'd still rather be stood
out there with you, at Digbeth Dining Club

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