Thursday, 25 September 2014


You know girls don't talk about it...even the ones who claim to be 'naughty' or with high sex drives, they just don't talk about what happens behind closed doors when you're on your own sometimes. I'm not saying we should have a sign on the door that says 'Self-love in progress' but the ability to normalise the ermmm 'act' of ermm 'self-satsifaction' well it would be another tick in the box of modernism. It happens! Its healthy! Sometimes there is no useful male around and it's just got to get done. So dirty scenes on Youtube from favourite past happens, dirty passages from 'erotic fiction' happens, just your own vivid imagination of something wild and never going to happen or a juicy memory of last time the useful male was around!

It was the fireman again, I don't know what it is! but there's this ridiculous 2 part scenario I have in my head that will never happen, I don't even own a tea trolley! and this fireman comes up, all in uniform and he's grey haired and crinkly eyes (he's almost but not quite someone I sort of know, that's irrelevant! he's not a fireman anyway so it doesn't count) it's the uniform that does it, and the stubbly beard and then after a bit of chit chat...chit chat for Christ's sake and pouring tea the scene cuts to a store cupboard or something and I'm bent over backwards around some table or other and fireman is well... you know! In that yellow, red coat they wear, and white t-shirt.

So I had a fireman moment today, it was necessary and because it's unacceptable to talk about such things and I can't have a girly giggle with anyone because its taboo I'm writing it out on here! Because who else am I going to talk to about it?

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