Saturday, 6 September 2014

Trying my best

I'm furiously angry right now but its all contained extremely well I think. Inside I'm half struggling not to cry, half struggling not to lose my temper and break something. All I can do to vent this emotion right now is what I am doing: blogging. So I say on here instead of out loud: FUCK OFF!
I can't believe I didn't just say it when I wanted to, a part of me wishes I'd just told you to fucking mind your own damn business you TWAT and stay out of my life. Like I need your unwelcome opinion and the extra pressure it's putting on my shoulders. I am so annoyed. I'm really upset ok, I'm really genuinely close to tears and I can't show that right now. I have a carpet to clean, I have a brave face to put on.

How dare you judge me.
I'm trying my best.

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