Sunday, 7 September 2014

Typical day

Every weekday morning I wake up early, make a cup of tea, check my emails and start my job searches. Some days go by when absolutely nothing has come up and other days I find several positions to apply for. I alternate my days between finding jobs to apply to and then researching those companies and roles, writing new cover letters and applying. By 11 O'clock I finish that and start work on my book. 
The second half of my day is obviously the more satisfying but at least I know myself that I am putting in equal efforts to both areas of my life. 

7am: get up 
7:10: tea and breakfast 
7:15 computer turned on, check emails 
7:30-11:00 check all jobs in email alerts, 
Sign into all 12 job sites I am registered on 
Search keywords and roles 
Read job descriptions, 
Save relevant jobs 
Start researching each job company and role 
Make notes 
Write suitable cover letters 
Apply for those jobs 

11:00 work on novel 
12:00 eat
2:00 buy groceries for dinner 
5:00 bathe, sort out outfit 
6:00 go to boyfriends, cook dinner, or hand groceries over and ask for dinner to be cooked
7:00 you know, couple stuff. Chill. 

Spare time: work on novel, or draw illustrations
                   Visit the family 

I live for the weekends with my mr Jones when I'm out of those four walls for the entire weekend but like I said before without a full time job I am in a waiting room, waiting for someone to read my ticket number and say my life is ready to start. 

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