Tuesday, 4 November 2014

A lot Like Buses

Another Pencil Skirt Day booked in for tomorrow. They seem to keep coming in but never lead anywhere, usually because it's not what it should have been, or I've had my time wasted in a cruel way. It's the same as putting food just out of reach of a starving animal.

...it's now the day after, there's another Pencil Skirt day booked in for tomorrow as a follow up. Another one for a different place on Friday too. As I said...they keep coming.

Sometimes though...how can I put this? You feel that you wait a long time for a bus to arrive, and then 2 come at once, but what about once you're on the bus, or perhaps just on the step...

You notice the bus is awfully full, terribly over crowded and a vile gone off sort of smell is radiating from the woman at the front who is...oh it had to be didn't it... occupying the seat next to the only other seat available. Clearly everyone else got on the bus, knew, (they all know who it is) and chose to sit elsewhere until this moment when you get on and there's no other seat. You could stand, but that looks obvious that you're deliberately not sitting by her, and you don't want to hurt her feelings.

So then it's a lot of jolting and jostling backwards and forwards until you feel sick and that horrid smell is perhaps sticking to you like chewing gum and now you can hear the angry noise of current music issuing from some youths phone at the back...it's a nightmare and you think:
"Maybe I should have just waited longer for a different bus, maybe I should have walked."

Well there's my point you see. Jobs are very much like buses. You hate standing at the stop, in the cold and likely rain too. People are looking at you from their car windows pityingly or worse with accusing annoyed faces ..."why aren't you like them?" Their evil eyes seem to say, "Ha!" they seem to say.  Finally when a bus or even two come along you're relieved, you jump up into it but you're not long on there before you start feeling regret. What you're getting out of this hellish journey doesn't match up to what you're putting yourself through. Is it worth it?

I'm rattling on but seriously the buses haven't reached the stop for me yet anyway, they're sort of in view but still down the road, they might turn down a different street and not come this way. If they do come this way then I really have no choice but to board. No matter how disheartening. After all no one can stand at a bus stop forever, another bus might not arrive for much, much longer and might not be any better anyway.

I'm not happy about it though. I keep thinking it's just not fair, why is it the only buses that come down this road either sail on past without stopping, or are in such poor condition I'd rather throw myself in front of it than board?

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