Saturday, 7 December 2013

following sound. poem

There's a sound that follows me,
almost everywhere I go
I can't block it out, and I wonder
will you ever leave me alone?
Because I held on for so long
when I should have let go
but now I'm desperate to forget
Desperate to be alone.
Like a shadow its attached to me
even if I cant see it,
I've begged and prayed and yet its here
why can't I be rid of you?
Memory is something to be cherished,
to be held in high esteem
but if I could rid myself of mine
I'd rather forget everything.
I wonder if in a week, I wont feel it anymore
I wonder if in another year I'll be off the kitchen floor
I left behind so much, when I started a new
but still I hear the sound of keys rattling behind
I wish to be free someday, somewhere in time
but I wonder and wish deep down that I knew,
does anything ever follow you?

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