Monday, 16 December 2013

Grace. new passage

It was like being hit by a train. Suddenly I couldn't remember any of the good things, I couldn't recall a single happy moment because my memory was clouded by sheer, undeniable pain. All I remember now is the pain, and crying. Crying uncontrollably every day for months. I think maybe the subconscious thinks you might cry out the pieces of your broken heart and then the pain will go away, well the subconscious is wrong. I cried until I was sure my pupils would run away too with the tears that poured down, and then I would be blind but for the constant image of your face burnt into my mind. I cried until one day I had nothing left in me to cry out. I haven't cried since, not for want of trying, oh I have tried. I have sat and tried to force tears of pain and sadness from my eyes but nothing is left. I cannot cry anymore, so don't expect me to. I shall never again cry from a broken heart. I have risen above such weakness, and now the hurt you brought me has made me fierce, you shall not shoot me down.

-Grace. New passage.

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