Wednesday, 25 September 2013

bored, Thought process on sorting this out lol

I have a stuffy nose. I am not amused. I refuse, absolutely refuse to fall at the hands of the common cold this early in the winter season. My student money has still not been paid into my bank account and I am seriously ready to dunk my head in a bowl of soup just for something different to do. I'm so bored. Sooooooo bored. Maybe I should streak, strip off and streak up and down the road, it would liven life up a bit, and its cold so my tits will look awesome. Nobody wants to streak alone though, that's just weird and creepy. If you have a group of people naked and running round its 'young people' and its 'a phase' 'just fun' when its some individual who's just bored out their brain well then its creepy and not so acceptable.

I need some income, I need to feel a few crisp notes in my hand and know their power. You know what...for the first time in months I feel like getting drunk. Wearing something inappropriate and having four too many ice cold Malibu doubles easy on the coke and fresh in a crystal glass. I'm just fed up and bored and a party would some equally inappropriate and drunk people would be fun. This is when I miss people of that sort, when I'm so bored I cant think of anything better to do than 'the student thing'. Really I'd like to munch a Mllies giant cookie with my sister in law Chrissie while drinking a bottle of rum and dancing for an hour, before jumping on 'what' his face' :-P for a decent screw out of my mind because I always have the worst most disgusting thoughts when I'm drunk. Then in the morning, nursing a sore head and sore whatever else, I'd like to eat twenty chicken nuggets and 3 double cheeseburgers with a peanut butter milkshake, while staying in bed all day watching repeats of Midsomer Murders, now that sounds tremendous!

God I'm bored. Just send me my money student finance! Cant you hear from the sound of my voice on the phone that you have a woman on the edge here? I'm hungry, I'm horny, I want a drink, I want some craft supplies, some new pencils and my uni books arn't going to pay for themselves. I'm so bored I will go insane if it lasts a week longer.

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