Friday, 20 September 2013

Feeling lost.

When you get used to experiencing new things and soaring through an area of new found life it becomes hard to adjust back into a semi average routine. Obviously money would remedy this rather well to an extent for being poor and stuck down a bloody dark well is worse than if I had a little money to toss around. I'm so bored. I know they say that only fools wait for things to happen, real adventurers go out and make things happen, but right now I am unable to do that. I'm bored out of my brain. I need to have fun. I got too used to being out, too used to filling my calendar with every day and night events. I embellished my schedule with new things all at once and it was thrilling. Uni, fitness class, shopping, coffee, rock climbing, date night, club night. Every night was full and flowed into a full morning. Freedom is an odd sort of feeling, when you're able to fly and find yourself released from a cage the last thing you're going to do is stay on the ground. I flew, but now I've settled back down. Someone knocked me out of the sky as sure as a hunter with a bullet, I've fallen so very hard and very far. You can't fly forever, and you can't have roots and wings. I understand that.

Maybe life's gotten a little out of my hands, because I'm feeling a tad suffocated, just a tiny bit lost.
Where are you Siviter? Where are you and when are you coming back?

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