Sunday, 22 September 2013

Kicking the door down to my last year.

First day of my last year at university approaches as tonight's hours trudge past. I've spent the last two hours studying tomorrows texts and materials, researching and note taking, scribbling definitions and opinions both my own and that of academics, even some random bloggers in a somewhat desperate attempt to absorb everything. This last year is so important to me I can feel the course content already wrapping itself around my lungs giving a subtle squeeze to remind me that there is no room for error, not now. I feel close to the end, even though I know I still have a while to go I can almost smell the fresh blossom that spring will introduce when this last year comes to an end, I can taste the crisp relief and feel the satisfaction.

Almost there. Just a little further to go. My brain isn't as quick as I've always wished it to be, but it had better be ready for this year, as I am going to put it through the paces and there's no second chances from now on. I've been told by numerous people that have flickered in and out of my life that I was capable of this, it's only ever been me that's doubted my own abilities. Now more than ever I want that confidence in myself, I want to believe that they knew me better than I thought I knew myself. This is it, I am steps away from the door to my future, now Siviter, lace up your boots and kick that door down.

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