Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Today's lecture, psychology

Same cold room, seriously would a radiator be too much to ask? Glance round and see some familiar faces, chap from some of my previous classes is a few rows back, I fancied him before back when I was too shy to speak a word to anyone. Casting that pointless thought away I sat away from the window today in a conscious attempt to stay focused. It wasn't as hard as I expected, today's lecturer was worth while listening to, an energetic woman with carrot colour hair she reminded me of a rabbit. Not the cute bunny type but a fully grown British hare. (I don't find animal characteristics in everyone, this morning I compared a man on the bus to a postbox) my lecturer spoke with a sort of lisp but it didn't bother me, she was fast paced, her voice raced out and hardly stopped, that didn't bother me either, being from the Black Country I preferred the ramble of speech it absorbed into my brain. No pauses.

The hare has composed a brilliant list of electronic online resources for the module, my respect has soared up five points. This is what I expect for £3000 a year, a little assistance, a little consideration that the library is shit and students are broke. I'm looking forward to working my way through these texts. Already I'm engrossed in this module, sanity and the lack of, is much more interesting than a fourteen word poem imposter. Edgar Allen Poe with his gothic demeanour and disgusting detail fascinates me, the odd and the mental conjures up more questions in my mind than a rhyming couplet about some random lover. I have definitely found where my priority lies. The hare will need to get accustomed to my hanging around her office with various scraps of paper. This year I will be relentless in my quest for the best that I can do. 

Now I have a headache, and all I want is to snuggle in a warm comfy place and sleep for half an hour.

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