Tuesday, 24 September 2013

insignificantly significant. Poem

A poem written for me
'a dance upon a wall'
an awkward wave, a shy smile
a few ill disguised glances across the hall
a mix up that first night
but we got there in the end
a silver box, and I started to fall

A thumb running over mine
a quickened heartbeat
a thrill I didn't recognise
an arm around me all the way home
a pointless umbrella, an uncertain pause
a kiss in the rain, under the tree
the moment you and I, turned into us

An innocent night asleep in your arms
I was certain then that you were the one
the words I Love You held back on my tongue
silent I was, so you wouldn't know
one date with your friends for me to love them too
a night with my brother for him to accept you.

A few weeks desperation, me denying you
an embarrassing revelation, but you already knew
a moments hesitation, a breath caught in my chest
another kiss from you, and I whispered yes.
one night you said you loved me
and I finally said it too.

It's the insignificant things that are significantly yours and mine
the insignificance of us that's significant in time.

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