Tuesday, 24 September 2013

It took... Poem

It took a winter without warmth
to make me appreciate the sun
a room without a light
to stop me fearing the night.
it took a bully pushing too far
to give me the courage not to run
to turn around and face the threat
to stop being their hateful fun.

It took one double at work
to make me know what hard works like
it took my baby niece one smile at me
for me to know what I want in life
it took one ride on dad's bike
to feel what adrenaline is like
it took a cage around my life
to know what it is to be free

It took a broken heart
to know the truth of pain
it took my own strength one day
to realise I'd been wrong
it took him leaving me
to know I was waiting for you all along
it took the kitchen floor
to make me stand up, be strong.

It took that first night in your room
to know what passion could do
it took a few more nights after
for me to give in too soon
it took the broken seal of virtue
to withdraw me from faith
it took one look from you
to make wish you'd stay
it took your eyes to make me feel pretty
it took a man to make a woman of me.

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